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World Youth on Prayer

Nearly three million people packed to pray and worship onto Copacabana Beach to hear Pope Francis’ speech as the Pontiff’s trip to Brazil draws to a close.  Pope Francis donned a Mexican sombrero as he met the faithful on Copacabana Beach in Rio De Janeiro.

As many as 3 million people gathered on the crescent-shaped beach, ahead of the Pontiff’s final mass of his trip to Brazil. Addressing the crowds, he urged those attending World Youth Day to shake up their Church. Hey Ram Hey Ram Lord Rama Prayer Youth to action on prayer.


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Hey Ram Hey Ram Lord Rama Prayer

Hey Ram Hey Ram Lord Rama Prayer

Many of the young people had stayed behind after an estimated 3 million crammed onto the iconic beach Saturday night for a vigil by Francis, whose Mass on Sunday is expected to draw an even larger crowd.

Groups of pilgrims slept on the adjacent street, pitching tents, while others unrolled sleeping bags and slept under the stars.

“Normally, I’d be complaining … but it’s theambiance. I’m excited, full of energy,” said Eleazar Reyes, 18, a student from Union City, N.J., whose mother made and sold pastries and empanadas to help pay for his pilgrimage to Rio with two siblings.  Hey Ram Hey Ram Lord Rama Prayer

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Ronald Defeo jr

The Amityville House Of Horror For Sale. In November 1974 Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot six members of his family dead as they slept in their beds. Both DeFeo’s parents, two sisters and two brothers were killed using a .35 caliber rifle, all the victims were found lying on their stomachs in bed and not one of them appeared to have been woken by the gunfire as DeFeo walked from room to room killing his relatives. DeFeo was found guilty of all six murders and is incarcerated at the Green Haven Correctional Facility in New York.

In December 1975 George and Kathy Lutz moved into 112 Ocean Avenue along with their three children. The Lutzes spent a total of 28 days at the house before fleeing the property claiming they had been terrorised by paranormal phenomena and forced out. The Lutzes experiences were used as a basis for Jay Anson’s novel The Amityville Horror, which was published in 1977 and made into a film in 1979. Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

lostThe fans were not satisfied on the last ending. They want more. Many were asking, “Is this the End?”. It looks like Lost Finale Ending were not cleared to them. They were like asking themselves, “Are they in Purgatory”? Lost Ending theories arose from those questions. After all those episodes of Lost, it came to a bittersweet ending that aired on May 23, 2010. Watch the Lost Finale Online to see the ending of Lost. Don’t let spoilers get to you without seeing the real deal. I know we will miss the TV series Lost now that it ended just now. We got surprised of the ending of Lost though.

After airing the Lost Finale on ABC, next is Jimmy Kimmel Live special which is Aloha to Lost. The casts of Lost appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Even in Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lost is still the issue. Watch it too, and hear what they have to say about Lost.
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American Idol raises almost 45 million

Sir Elton John, Alicia Keys and Carrie Underwood were among the stars who performed in Wednesday’s live special event organized by the producers of top-rated singing contest “American Idol.”

Two previous editions of “Idol Gives Back” in 2007 and 2008 raised a total of around $140 million from audience and corporate donations.

Some 18.3 million Americans watched Wednesday’s show on Fox television, which was scaled down partly because of the U.S. economic recession, and expectations were lower. The $45 million is expected to rise when proceeds from iTunes sales are added, Fox said. Continue reading

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Michael Phelps and his golds

michael phelps speedo and his 8 golds

michael phelps speedo and his 8 golds

The just concluded Swimming in Beijing Olympics. One man broke his own records and bagged golds more than anyone else. Eight golds that Michael Phelps won are apparently valuable in sentiment only all eight of the medals are worth about as much as one second of Tiger Woods’ life, that is really good for anyone! Tiger woods would be out somewhere, I guess his time just ended. Way to go Michael! Continue reading

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Flora Jessop

Okay here’s now our new post about who’s who? You guys should suggest me if who do you want me to feature next entry for Balenciaga sandals. It could be anybody dead or alive. Jessop was raised in Colorado City, Arizona. At the age of 13 she attempted to bring charges against a family member for sexual assault but returned to her home. At 16 years old she fled a forced marriage to a cousin and began to seek ways to end what she called child abuse in polygamous families. This is a partial story of; I will be searching more credible parts of this story which as of now very rare. Let’s also do some readings about 26 toilet mansion at Fendi which is being played by some people who love playing seo 🙂

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Miss USA 2008 and Donald Turmp

Trump executives, civic officials and Miss Universe Riyo Mori joined The for the ceremony at the 645-foot tower next to the Fashion Show Mall. It was held Friday because Trump was in town now for his Miss USA pageant.

The tower opened March 31, at a cost of $1.2 billion. It has 1,200 luxury suites, and distinctive gold windows.

Broadcast live from the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, the annual competition of young American womanhood returns .

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Who is the Mikimoto pearls king?

Wiki says that there is a Mikimoto Island. so Wiki it if you wan to read more. 😉 I can see some link on my side bar saying that I got an invitation. Woho! I have been invited for any kinds and I am so tired. You better give me some . This is how Mikimoto started and flourished its pearls turned into diamonds. Winner of Miss Universe will be wearing a for the next few years at least. There you go you can read more of the entries from the source of heat.

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This is the first

This was the first entry which it wasn’t mine. I will try my best to write famous people from history to present. 😉

Good Luck to me!

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