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Prince Ben Barnes

I have published one article today and I don’t want to republish it again though I Was thinking that it would be nice if some of my friends could also read it here in this site.. I have published it on the other site which is not appropriate or topic related here so I just spare that phrase or if you really want to read it you can visit my other blog. You can read about The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian. I am almost up for Amy Winehouse rehab lyrics which I have been chasing for few days now like the Miss Universe or Miss World 2008 pageant site owned by my humble friend Kiko!

Today’s posy is all about Ben! Ber Barnes! You should have known him if you have watched his Stardust movie last year and now he is playing the role of Prince Caspian for The Chronicles of Narnia. I can post only one photo and the rest you can google it. I need do some research for Eurovision Song contest 2008 Sweden Photos. I would be happy if you could get me a Hermes Kelly Pochette Ombre Lizard Handbags or a Balenciaga Crocodile Work Bag.

That’s all for now! I hope everyone have a lovely weekend! Wtf with the Tony Award Nominees winner or loser? My fav is not even in! Eurovision Song Contest 2008 plugs of winners! Continue reading


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Happy Mothers Day

Do you have anything like Mothers Day gift ideas? Ahai! I have been looking and looking to find one or trying to come up which gift to give on mother’s day. I could make or design my own Mother’s day Card or just buy a bunch of flower. How about you? What do you have in mind? Hermes Kelly Pochette Ombre Lizard!


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Predator versus Alien movie

I will not be writing about “who is” tonight but instead… I am gonna tell you what I did.  I just watched the Predator versus Alien movie and damn there I couldn’t find a single sense of the movie. The first movies of Aliens are far better than this one just full of shit I think. Maybe not my type of movie,. I shouldn’t have watched it whole. Hamm now I am going to hit the bed, I still have some errands to do tomorrow. I will be checking more bags and Discount Prada Handbags, Birkin Bags, Marc Jacobs Handbags. Few days left before Eurovision 2008 and so sad to know that my friends will Travel to Asia to Travel to Thailand also Travel to Ko Lanta, Travel to Ko Chang. Keep Checking Amy Winehouse Rehab as always and Miss Universe 2008.

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