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Paul McCartney performs for thousands in Tel Aviv

Singing “Give Peace a Chance,” he stopped and let the audience sing the chorus alone. “Here tonight you sang it, you want it,” the 66-year-old rocker said. He dedicated the song to his fellow Beatle, John Lennon, who was killed in New York in 1980.

Fireworks lit the sky as McCartney sang “Live and Let Die.”

A crowd made up of Israelis of all ages, estimated at 40,000, cheered as McCartney performed outdoors in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park on a warm late summer night. Some wore T-shirts with the slogan, “I love Paul.”

He greeted the crowd with a mixture of English and Hebrew, wishing them “shana tova,” happy new year, ahead of next week’s Jewish new year holiday. He added “Ramadan kareem” in Arabic, a greeting to Muslims, who are marking their holy month.

His repertoire included many Beatles hits, as well as songs from his post-Beatles group, Wings. The songs included “Yesterday,” “Back in the USSR,” “Hey Jude” and “Jet.” He added two encores. Continue reading


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How to Be Single

New Line has picked up the rights to former writer “Sex and the City” writer Liz Tuccillo’s best-selling novel “How to Be Single” for Drew Barrymore’s production company.

The book follows the dating lives of five single New York women, one of whom, the narrator, is writing a book about how bachelorettes across the world manage. The woman embarks on a trip around the world for the book and gets involved in an international affair, while her four friends duke it out on the New York dating scene. The book was published in June.

Barrymore and production partner Nancy Juvonen will produce, setting Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn to adapt. 9/11 moment of silence, Pentagon 9/11 memorial. Fort Bend ISD

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Dance before enter

U.S. artist “made to dance” by Israeli security. The group said airport officials had provided no explanation about the treatment of Abdur-Rahim Jackson, who has a Muslim father but is engaged to a fellow dancer who is Jewish with a large family in Israel.

Jackson was pulled aside from the rest of the troupe on arrival at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport and taken to a room where he was questioned by the security officers, said a spokesman for the group. Brazoria county | Row row fight the power Continue reading

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Ollie Johnston

Who is Ollie Johnston? You may not know Ollie Johnston’s name or face, but you’ve seen his acting — it’s been all but imprinted in your DNA since childhood. Johnston, who died Monday at 95, was the last of the “Nine Old Men,” the animators responsible for the classic Disney cartoon features made from the 1930s to the 1970s.

They invented the model for how animated features should be made, and each of them took on specific characters in the movie and acted the roles through their drawings. Johnston, in particular, was revered among animators for his emotional directness, from the scene of Bambi’s mother’s death in Bambi to the plight of the kidnapped orphan Penny in The Rescuers.

(That film’s Rufus, a wise old cat, was the closest Johnston came to self-portraiture.) Source More related readings. Kitty Go and Andrea Berg on lifestyle. Continue reading

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