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American Idol raises almost 45 million

Sir Elton John, Alicia Keys and Carrie Underwood were among the stars who performed in Wednesday’s live special event organized by the producers of top-rated singing contest “American Idol.”

Two previous editions of “Idol Gives Back” in 2007 and 2008 raised a total of around $140 million from audience and corporate donations.

Some 18.3 million Americans watched Wednesday’s show on Fox television, which was scaled down partly because of the U.S. economic recession, and expectations were lower. The $45 million is expected to rise when proceeds from iTunes sales are added, Fox said. Continue reading


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Paul McCartney performs for thousands in Tel Aviv

Singing “Give Peace a Chance,” he stopped and let the audience sing the chorus alone. “Here tonight you sang it, you want it,” the 66-year-old rocker said. He dedicated the song to his fellow Beatle, John Lennon, who was killed in New York in 1980.

Fireworks lit the sky as McCartney sang “Live and Let Die.”

A crowd made up of Israelis of all ages, estimated at 40,000, cheered as McCartney performed outdoors in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park on a warm late summer night. Some wore T-shirts with the slogan, “I love Paul.”

He greeted the crowd with a mixture of English and Hebrew, wishing them “shana tova,” happy new year, ahead of next week’s Jewish new year holiday. He added “Ramadan kareem” in Arabic, a greeting to Muslims, who are marking their holy month.

His repertoire included many Beatles hits, as well as songs from his post-Beatles group, Wings. The songs included “Yesterday,” “Back in the USSR,” “Hey Jude” and “Jet.” He added two encores. Continue reading

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Madonna on Vanity Fair MAY 2008

Who’s Madonna? Ahehehe..What a stupid question. Even 2 year old kid knows if who’s Madonna. So instead I am writing something new about her. Since 1986, Madonna has expressed herself—and undressed herself—for Vanity Fair time and time again. Here are all the covers and spreads (check out Steven Meisel’s 1992 pictorial), together with a few choice quotations. Click .

I cleaned my room and did some shopping fresh and dressed then reading my favourite fantasy book Trudi. Speak my sister on the phone and chatted with few friends my friend just died a week ago and some of my friends wanted to chat with me because I wrote something for my friend for his burial and someone had to read it during the burial mass. I keep reading downloaded some of her famous songs but sadly they are in Germans. I am going to update some of my site and write entry or will search it on the web what’s the latest about Fendi or the life of Eva Braun. Then lastly I am going to read more About the . I don’t know how long I could keep up tonight I guess I need to ask some help from my friends if they could do some research for me or small tips about the since I have been reading about this for a week now. You see I read a lot and research a lot. I am such a hard worker. Cheers! or maybe next week will be writing about . tadadah! 😉 Continue reading

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Who is Andrea Berg?

Jump the marry puff! I am not just posting internationally famous names but yeah some locals as well like this German singing sensation and . Who’s she? If you check about Andrea Berg you will find lots of search pages about her. She’s a famous German singer who keeps her album on the top charts in Germany.

her singing career boomed. Her best-of-album has been in the German top 100 album charts for over 300 weeks, eliminating the record for the longest stay, hold by The Beatles, and going double-platinum and triple-gold.

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